Mapleglazed chicken is great weight watcher recipe with chicken cutlet as success key ingredient to cook this recipe with extra meal. Maple syrup will make sweet glaze for chicken ingredients as good component Brussels sprout and apple in the slaw. This mapleglazed chicken is good recipes for people who look for healthy recipe less than 300/three hundred calories. In this recipe, chicken cutlet is used from two/2 – six/6 ounces and serve 4 servings with 2 chicken cutlets and ¾ cup law. This maplegklazed chicken recipe give you 4 smartpoints and need twenty minutes to cook.

Mapleglazed chicken is loaded with chicken cutlet, kosher salt, black pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar, maple syrup, Brussels sprouts, currants, gala apple and fuji. This is a way how to prepare ingredients and cook mapleglazed chicken recipe


  1. Eight or two ounce of chicken cutlet
  2. Half tesp of kosher salt
  3. Half tsp of fresh ground black pepper
  4. Two tbsp of olive oil;
  5. Three tbsp of red wine vinegar
  6. Two tbsp of maple syrup
  7. Eight ounces of Brussels sprouts
  8. One fourth cup of dried currants
  9. One medium of gala apple or fuji



  1. Put large skillet and heat over medium heat
  2. Sprinkle chicken with one fourth[1/4] tsp salt, one fourth [1/4] tsp pepper
  3. Put one tbsp olive oil into pan
  4. Swirl and coating
  5. Add boneless chicken into pan
  6. Cook for three minutes
  7. Remove this recipe from pan and keep it warm
  8. Add two tbsp syrup and vinegar into pan
  9. Bring this recipe to boil and cook for one minutes
  10. Reduce three tbsp and return it into pan.
  11. Coating with glaze
  12. Cut Brussels sprout in ½ length and thin slice.
  13. Place remaining one tbsp olive oil, one tbsp vinegar, one fourth tsp salt and one fourth pepper into big bowl
  14. Stir with whisk and add some Brussels sprouts
  15. Add apple, currants and serve with chicken


Nutritional fact:

The mapleglazed chicken recipe has amazing nutritional fact includes; 282 calories, 8.7 gram fat, 1.4 gram saturated fat, 5.4 gram monofat, 1.5 gram polyfat, 28.6 gram protein, 23.4 gram carbohydrate, 3.7 gram fiber, 66 milligram cholesterol, 2.1 milligram iron, 331 milligram sodium and 54 milligram calcium.